Purple Wednesday #N30

Yesterday ARC, as part of the FDA took part in the TUC’s day of action on pensions. ARC President Graham Black said that most of ARC’s members supported the strike. This morning numbers were still being collated but it looks as if more than 80% of our members stayed away from work – including large numbers in the Senior Civil Service. ARC is not a militant union. For many people this was the first time they had gone on strike.

They acted in huge numbers because they know that they are being treated unfairly. Our salaries included the pensions package. So cutting pensions is just the same as cutting wages. Everyone has to take a share of the pain in these economic circumstances, but the public sector should not take a disproportionate burden for economic messes others created.
ARC’s campaign to defeat the deficit showed shows that investing in HMRC brings in more funding from those who are evading or avoiding. The Government has not increased its investment, but imposes a tax on public servants instead.
The Government keeps repeating it is negotiating. It has not done so, whether changing from RPI to CPI, or imposing “contribution increases” that are really a tax on public workers.  And on top of a 2 or 3 year pay freeze we now face two more years of 1% at best, with no automatic pay progression. Hardly the way to motivate and reward people Francis Maude praises as loyal and dedicated public servants.





Dorset House, London





PCS_Scotland Aberdeen R&C picket line been up and running since 6am. Excellent turnout so far. Joint picket with FDA ARC rep @PCS #n30

Morgylad Right let’s get this Manchester FDA/ARC picket show on the road. Good luck everyone today #n30
lynnekinglake @ARC_Union No arc members went in at HMRC Middlesbrough -well done!!
AdamLukeCN Annabell McLoud is secretary for FDA ARC union representing high earning civil servants. Says they “never strike” but #nov30 is different

MENAsolidarity #PCS and #fda pickets at euston tower with lively support from disability rights activists #N30 for #tahrir

ukdisciple @ARC_Union good picket at Tax Office in Hastings. 4 unions represented, including ARC
katherinevine1 Just come across a picket outside HM Revenue and Customs – first time the PCS and FDA have been out at the same time #Stockport #strikes
AndyWoodward85  My union FDA is not affiliated to any political party. Nor is PCS. This isn’t political, it’s about public sector workers rights
BBC World Service-World Have Your Say podcast featuring two members from Solicitors Office.

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