Gareth Hills on the TSC report into HMRC aligning with key messages from ARC’s award winning Defeat the Deficit campaign

The TSC report into HMRC, published over the weekend , highlights much of the evidence ARC’s President Graham Black gave as part of ARC’s successful Defeat the Deficit campaign. The report signals broad agreement to ARC’s argument that the Government could reduce the deficit by investing in HMRC to close the tax gap and raise revenue.

The report also mentions the evidence ARC gave to TSC on HMRC’s dreadful engagement and truly appalling staff survey results – see, for example, this at para 48,  ‘ARC told us “HMRC is going into a massive restructuring exercise with a relatively poor capability and a demoralised workforce that does not trust senior managers to deliver change”. They pointed out that the staff survey revealed that “61 per cent of staff have no confidence in the decisions made by HMRC’s senior managers” explaining that: “The figures suggest a likely frailty in staff willingness to support changes
without significant improvements in the way they are involved in the change process”’.

This shows that the union is speaking up for members in a way HMRC management is seemingly unwilling or incapable of. It shows that it’s ARC, not HMRC’s senior management, that truly understands, represents, fights the corner for – and makes the case for – senior HMRC professionals.


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