FDA/ARC TUC Motion passed unanimously

The following FDA/ARC motion was moved this morning at the TUC’s annual conference in Manchester:

HMRC Resources and the Deficit

Congress notes with concern the potential effects of the Coalition Government’s intention to cut public service expenditure by £6bn in 2010, and its intention to further cut departmental budgets by up to a quarter in years to come.  Congress deplores the severe consequences that such cuts will have on the pay, conditions and job security of public sector workers who were not to blame for that deficit, or the wider economic meltdown, in the first place.

At a time when Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs’ own estimate of the ‘tax gap’ continues to be in the region of £40bn, Congress finds it both ironic and nonsensical that such cuts will only further erode HMRC’s capacity to collect the taxes necessary to fund public services, contribute to a healthy UK PLC, and ensure that every citizen benefits from continued investment in high quality public services, such as schools and hospitals.

Congress call on General Council to develop and support a campaign against the cuts in HMRC, but also to press and persuade the Government to put more resources into HMRC’s cadre of senior professionals: the tax, legal, accountancy and policy experts working in the public sector whose job it is to counter and tackle fraudulent evaders and those making use of complex schemes and artificial arrangements to avoid tax.

Our sister union PCS spoke in support of this motion and it was passed unanimously.


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