The Government’s Spending Challenge

The Government has set up a website called “The Spending Challenge” to give people a chance to help shape the way government works. They say that they need to reduce the deficit by cutting public spending in a way that is fair and responsible.  They had an overwhelming response to the Spending Challenge – more than 44,000 ideas.  Now they are asking the public to rate the ideas.

You can rate the ones you think have the potential to save money while impacting least on public services. They have put the ideas into categories and marked a few they think are interesting. You need to register and then you can rate the idea from 1 star (poor) to 5 stars (excellent).

It seems that there is little time to do this, as at the end of August, they will review the ideas with the most potential and investigate them in further detail to see if and how they could be taken forward for the Spending Review on 20th October and beyond.
There are very few good ideas among the suggestions, but one does stand out:
“Spend more on HMRC! It is the only bit of government that makes money! I heard that every £1 spent on it nets £6 in taxes that would otherwise be evaded.”
It is short and to the point – and is entirely in line with our Campaign (although it understates the amount of yield that is generated by senior staff in HMRC).
The website has not been well publicised and few people are voting.  This means that if lots of people vote for this idea it will be harder for the government to ignore it.  So if you support our Campaign this is a good way to register your support.

Support this idea, and ask your friends and family to do the same.  Our aim is move this suggestion to the top of the list.  Let’s do it!


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